The Bardenas Reales in 4x4

Bardenas Reales Route

230 € 4 hours

Thanks to its duration and versatility, this route gives you the possibility to visit the most famous areas of Bardenas Reales. You will be able to visit the most exclusive points of the Bardena Blanca and Bardena Negra in the same visit.

In addition, you will visit different scenarios of famous movies and series, enjoy this wonderful lunar landscape from several viewpoints, learn about the Transhumance in Navarra, and have the opportunity to observe steppe birds in their natural habitat, such as the Griffon Vulture or the Golden Eagle.

The routes are totally private and exclusive, each experience is unique.

Rates and Reservations:

  • Price of the route: 230 €.
  • Pre-booking (30% of the total): 70 €.
    • * Before the start of the tour, the remaining amount, i.e. 70% of the total amount (160 €), must be paid.

The price includes:

  • Fully equipped vehicle (4WD, air-conditioning, 7 seats...)
  • Certified accompanying guide
  • Customer pick-up (Max. 25Km from Bardenas Reales)
  • Drink
  • Insurance

Route information:

  • Approximate duration 4h
    • * The route begins when customers board the vehicle.
  • Comfortable route to be done with children or elderly people.
  • Halfway along the route, there will be a short stop where we can enjoy a light snack.
  • Availability to do it in several languages:
    • Google (Android 12L) Spanish
    • Google (Android 12L) French
    • Google (Android 12L) English