Long hiking route

Hiking Long Route

260 € 6 hours

Walk through the most peculiar and hidden areas of Bardenas Reales, discover first hand the most spectacular ravines, climb the highest cliffs and travel through the valleys that have been formed thanks to millions of years of erosion. In addition, the Bardenas Reales boast of being the setting for some of today's best-known films and series.

The routes are totally private and exclusive, each experience is unique.

Rates and Reservations:

  • Price for up to 4 persons: 260 €.
  • Cost per additional person: +20 €.
  • Rental of poles per person:
    • 2,5 per cane

The price includes:

  • Certified accompanying guide
  • Drink
  • Insurance
  • Binoculars

Route information:

  • Approximate duration 6h
    • Travel included
  • Comfortable route for all audiences.
  • Availability to do it in several languages:
    • Google (Android 12L) Spanish
    • Google (Android 12L) French
    • Google (Android 12L) English